Get back to your nest and finish your nap in this retro-inspired platformer! Pip is a baby pelican that is startled from its sleep during a storm and must find its way back home. Collect the feathers scattered around the island until you have enough strength to flap back to your nest.

Arrow keys to move, Z or C to jump and flap/airjump, X or V to hop while on the ground or dive while in the air. Controllers are supported as well!

The browser version is free to play and feature-complete with two exceptions: Disabling the music and enabling the timer are exclusive to the downloadable versions. Please consider supporting the project if you enjoy your playtime.

Pip was developed in the PICO-8 fantasy console.


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Development log


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I found a bug! I used the ten feathers to get up on top of the "castle" on the left and then went down the left side using the notches to rest. Then I flew to the right under the bottom of the level, and noticed that my strength wasn't depleting. But, when I tried to fly up the right side of the level, my strength ran out and now Pip is falling into oblivion and I can't finish the game.


fantastic game , really well done - took me a while to figure out exactly what to do !


great game, loved it!


are you the densch who used to play below kryll ? if so im jus !

guess my past has caught up to me :'-(

well yeah, I am. :-D
You still playing below kryll?
Anything new happening there?

I just cant find any good ideas on how or what to create whenever I open below kryll.
even though I still have a bunch of unfinished worlds there :-/


yeah im still playing but not as much , its gone really quiet !

even the mighty mostro isnt around or creating levels as often as he used to , theres only scheu and a few noobs doing anything...

sad as its a really good game !

and yet they still haven't implemented a timer thingie :'-(


i doubt there will be ANY updates now as its basically a dead game !


LOVED this! I'd really like to see a longer version of this! (Glad you can't die in the lava!!)


So nice!

Love the art and the simple gameplay, well done :D


pretty game,

I a bugs, you recover all the feathers when colliding with some blocks, this allows you to get some feathers before collecting the necessary ones


I love this!  Great polish!  Vines look so climbable though... Anyway, having a blast!


I love the thing where you collect the feathers to double jump! I also like how cute it is! A good name for a sequel would be "Pipfall"!

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Very well done! Super cute and fun double-jump-mechanic!


One of the best Pico 8 games I've played yet!


that's so cute! I find platformers pretty difficult but I managed to finish this one!


so polished! awesome work


Woo hoo! Pip release dayyyyyyyy!