Get back to your nest and finish your nap in this retro-inspired platformer! Pip is a baby pelican that is startled from its sleep during a storm and must find its way back home. Collect the feathers scattered around the island until you have enough strength to flap back to your nest.

Arrow keys to move, Z or C to jump and flap/airjump, X or V to hop while on the ground or dive while in the air. Controllers are supported as well!

Please consider supporting the project if you enjoy your playtime.

Pip was developed in the PICO-8 fantasy console.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsPICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro


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PIP-1.4.1-WIN 1 MB
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PIP-1.4.1-LIN 698 kB
PIP-1.4.1-RAS 1 MB 879 kB 1 MB 492 kB

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I really loved playing this!


this was fun!

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Pip is super fluffy and cute


Really fun game! I love the mechanic, kinda remind me a little of flappy bird but obviously this is much fun  :) also in arcade mode you only need 9 feather to win lol

Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for playing! And that's a pretty good time on the Assist Mode run too. You should check out the speedrun leaderboard, people have now beaten the game with even fewer feathers :D

gotta check it out then :) i didn't realize my first run in assist mode would be like that though lol


Amazing game! very polished and love the pixel art! :D (pip is very cute!)


lovely, pip is adorable

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Any chance you could make the pico-8 cart files available for your games?

Heya! This game is available on the Lexaloffle BBS, where I believe you'd be able to get the .png which can be opened in the Pico-8 editor. You should be able to find a few other games there as well.

Thanks for the info. The only other cart I wanted was for GOLDACHE, but that doesn't seem to be in the Lexaloffle archive. Any chance you could upload that one?


I'll try to get that up at some point, sure! Can't promise a timetable unfortunately but I'll make a note to circle back here and reply when it does happen.


I found a bug! I used the ten feathers to get up on top of the "castle" on the left and then went down the left side using the notches to rest. Then I flew to the right under the bottom of the level, and noticed that my strength wasn't depleting. But, when I tried to fly up the right side of the level, my strength ran out and now Pip is falling into oblivion and I can't finish the game.

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I think it is because rare didnt make that part of the map so its just void but to fix it use instead of z use x then z


fantastic game , really well done - took me a while to figure out exactly what to do !


great game, loved it!


are you the densch who used to play below kryll ? if so im jus !

guess my past has caught up to me :'-(

well yeah, I am. :-D
You still playing below kryll?
Anything new happening there?

I just cant find any good ideas on how or what to create whenever I open below kryll.
even though I still have a bunch of unfinished worlds there :-/


yeah im still playing but not as much , its gone really quiet !

even the mighty mostro isnt around or creating levels as often as he used to , theres only scheu and a few noobs doing anything...

sad as its a really good game !

and yet they still haven't implemented a timer thingie :'-(


i doubt there will be ANY updates now as its basically a dead game !


LOVED this! I'd really like to see a longer version of this! (Glad you can't die in the lava!!)


So nice!

Love the art and the simple gameplay, well done :D


pretty game,

I a bugs, you recover all the feathers when colliding with some blocks, this allows you to get some feathers before collecting the necessary ones


I love this!  Great polish!  Vines look so climbable though... Anyway, having a blast!


I love the thing where you collect the feathers to double jump! I also like how cute it is! A good name for a sequel would be "Pipfall"!

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Very well done! Super cute and fun double-jump-mechanic!


One of the best Pico 8 games I've played yet!


that's so cute! I find platformers pretty difficult but I managed to finish this one!


so polished! awesome work


Woo hoo! Pip release dayyyyyyyy!