Sokoban Is For Lovers

The evil Wizard X has ripped your heart in half! Traverse each level and solve puzzles to put yourself back together. Control Lefty with the arrow keys and make your way to Righty to progress.

This version of Reunited is a prototype created in Adam Le Doux's Bitsy engine and includes a few very simple levels to test out what is possible with Bitsy. A larger version in another engine may happen in the future.

Bitsy currently doesn't support audio, so feel free to enjoy this little ditty in the background while you try the game.

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Made withbitsy
Tags8-Bit, Lo-fi, Pixel Art, Retro, Sokoban


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The Lizards tonight were awesome!

cool little sokoban :) we want more sokoban and windows build !


Amazing mechanics. Gave me some ideas for the jam running this month.

The story is cool too. I loved the ending.

Would be nice to have more, and more difficult, levels.

Aw, thanks! I definitely want to do a bigger version with some real puzzles and different mechanics. Hopefully I can get that started soon. I'm doing this month's Bitsy jam as well, I look forward to seeing your project :)





<3 <3 <3