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like it but the game speed up and slow down that made the gameplay a bit tricky and uncomfortable...

Awesome game! I love your pixel art within it. The shading on the coins is really neat. It's a tough game, but I enjoyed playing it. Thanks for making it!

Great game cool graphics. Pico games are all very interesting indeed, this one being no exception. Good luck

great game , pretty tough !

Fun game!  Good action, clear graphics. Kiiiinda wish it had a more extensive song, heh! But really nice effort!


More music later maybe/hopefully. I started working on an actual track but it sounded worse with more than the drum beat and my boss is a real stickler about deadlines...


Hello, How can I pass the first door right in the beginning, even though I have a key I cannot open the door! thanks


You gotta press X or Z

Egor is right. I forgot to add the control option to the list, I apologize! Updating that now.