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Great Game! Love how Astra looks! However, most of the jumps are way too tight for the first 2 levels! Definitely am looking forward to playing the completed game!

Cool game! The graphics are awesome! I like the story, character and overall design too, and appreciate the checkpoints. Interesting in a good way that the levels don't reset on death. Also the sliding jump works great.

Having read some of the comments below, I had the same initial issues: trouble understanding how to proceed at first (I actually fell through the platform accidentally, trying to scroll down to see the controls :D), and the involuntary sliding was something to adjust to in some of the tighter spots. The latter is of course just a matter of preference, since everything was very doable once you took it into account. Having to jump at the very edge of many of the platforms also took some ajusting. In level 2 there's a narrow gap with acid (?) underneath, and if you (slide)jump at the edge, you get bounced back and down into the hazard.

Impressive amount of effort you put into this! Hope you have a good time continuing on it :)

I'm definitely going to take a good chunk of the feedback to heart on this, particularly on how the game teaches (or fails to teach) its mechanics. I appreciate on the callout on the precise jumps since this is the first couple stages; I want players to be rewarded for refining their skills but don't want to it to prevent most players from progressing.

Thanks for the comments!


Ristar? :)


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Wha! You did a really great job! The game is nicely polished, the game design and the gameplay are nice too. It really reminds me the 8-bit games, I mean you do not just pick the pico-8, but the level design and the difficulty of the game match the feeling of those past games. I see you're not at your first try, one day I'll check your other games. Continue on this way :)

Thank you kindly! I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll like the final product when it's out.

I really liked the game concept, the sound and in general the UI. I could not pass after getting the checkpoint thought. I am interested in what tool or language did you build it? great work!

Thanks! The game was built in Pico-8, a fantasy console designed to replicate some of the restrictions of older consoles with a more modern design sensibility. There's so much good stuff out there in Pico-8, you should definitely search some stuff out.

If you are stuck at the first checkpoint, pressing down on your joystick or arrow keys will let you drop through the thin platform. If it's another checkpoint, let me know and I'll see what the issue is.


Yes "pressing down in the thin platform" did the work thanks!

I just downloaded the pico-8 console! it is amazing, thanks

Ahh, glad we solved it! And yeah, Pico-8 is fantastic. You'll have a lot of fun tinkering around with it.

I really like the concept of the game, but the physics feel too slippery. The entire demo I felt like the character was sliding on ice, and that made jumping from platform to platform difficult because I would slide off the platform after landing. But I managed to finish the demo, and I think it's really good despite all that.

Thank ya kindly! I've heard from a few people now how the slippery feel might be too pronounced. I'll likely be tweaking that stuff a good bit based on the feedback.

It feels like it's a fun game, but I don't know, considering I couldn't get past the first level...I got stuck on that one spot with the spikes...and you can't go under and you can't go over them...and going through them isn't an please help...


Hey there! If it's the spot I'm thinking of, you can press X/V to slide under the spikes. While you're sliding you can press Z/C to get a shorter hop than normal, so you can jump over gaps without hitting any spikes that might be above you :)

the level actually doesn't allow you to go past the spikes, its closed off


Hiya! I just tested and it seems like I didn't get stuck anywhere in the demo. There are a couple of spots where you can't progress unless you use the shorter version of your jump that happens during a slide, though. If that doesn't work, can you let me know the specific spot and I'll take another look?

You have to press [down] at the check point thats the trick. The spikes are there to fool you.